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I Am Flying To The Moon Game

Score: 3.50

Are you adventurer? If you are, what about your own possibilities to take off your vehicle? Of course, the difficulties will not leave hunt. Are you ready?

When the game is load, respectively, start with "NEW GAME" and "START" button. Game controls are as follows:

Boosters: "W" or "UP ARROW"
Engine Shutdown: "S" or "DOWN ARROW"

When you first start the game controls will be difficult. Earn money, the level between the "UPGRADES" button to renew or strengthen your vehicle. During the flight, fuel, money, and do not forget to collect bonuses, such as nitro. Game sound and music to the speaker button in the upper right corner of the screen on or off, press "MENU" button to return to the main menu. We wish you success.