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Zoo Dodgem Game

Score: 4.43

Would you like to play a game the style of bumper cars with a friend? Inspired by the legendary game its time, made ​​a hilarious game Carmageddon, notice how the time passes!

After game loads continue with "CONTINUE" button. Then click the "PLAY" button and set number of players.Click the "1 PLAYER" button for the single player game, and click the "2 PLAYERS" button for two player. Then choose your character and begin the racing. Game controls:

Move: "W, A, S, D"
Attack: "SPACEBAR"

Attack: "PAGEDOWN"

During the game you can pause and return to main menu with buttons located the under left corner. And if you want to play muted, click to located upper right corner button. The best games on Good luck.