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Uphill Rush 5 Game

Score: 4.64

Super uphill racers are calling you to race with many racing equipment against to other racers. Racing  equipments which are cars, jeeps, motorcycles, dolphins, skateboard and there are so many racing equipments that we can not talk about racing equipments are waiting for you to race in this game.

You click "Start Game" button. You have two options to race which are "Time Trial" and "Race". Choose one of them however you like to race. You choose the difficulties of the race. After that, you can specify your racer's appearance then click "Race" button. You can close the information boxes with clicking the "Continue" button and then you can start to race.

Game controls as follows:
Move: "Arrow Keys"
Jump: "Space"
Turbo: "X"
Pause: "P"
Map: "M"

Have Fun!