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Tiny Rumble Game

Score: 3.75

We continue to offer the beautiful game for fighting game fans. This game has an interesting feature: Instead of throwing kicking and punches, you fight by throwing objects. After click "PLAY" button to start game, select number of player. Then you can select the type of player and features from the menu. Key combination:

Move: "W, A, S, D"
Attack: "E"
Medium Attack: "D + D + E"
Heavy Attack: "A + D + E"
Light Defense: "S + S + E"
Medium Defense: "S + A + E"
Heavy Defense: "S + W + E"

Move: "ARROWS"
Attack: "CTRL"
Medium Attack: "RIGHT + RIGHT + CTRL"
Heavy Attack: "LEFT + RIGHT + CTRL"
Light Defense: "DOWN + DOWN + CTRL"
Medium Defense: "DOWN + LEFT + CTRL"
Heavy Defense: "DOWN + UP + CTRL"

You can fallow your hero and your opponent's energy from indicators at the top of the screen during the game. You can pause the game with "PAUSE" button, turn on/off the game sound and return the main manu. We wish you have fun.