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Stealth Hunter 2 Game

Score: 4.33

How about to be an insidious agent in a full of action game? Immerse yourself with Stealth Hunter 2 game have a structure much better than the first game with realistic scenario and visual effects. When the game load, respectively, login main menu with "CONTINUE" and "START" buttons. Click "LEVEL SELECT" button. Game controls are as follows:

Move: "ARROWS" or "W, A, S, D," or "MOUSE"
Walking In Hiding: "SHIFT"
Primary Attack: "SPACEBAR"
Secondary Attack: "C"
Open The Room/Store: "X"
Change Weapon: "Z"
Game Pause: "P"
Restart : "R"
Sound On/Off: "M"
Exit: "ESC"

This covert operation, will not be easy as you think. Take a deep breath and start a secret mission. We wish you success.