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Spongebob Jet Bubble Game

Score: 4.13

Sponge Bob and his friends, and they arrived on a journey under the sea, interesting. They will be very big surprises. Characters such as Patrick Star and Squidward Feeler will accompany you in this adventure. Are you ready?

After you install the game twice, click "PLAY" button and select the number of players. Then select your character. Keypads are as follows:

Move: "ARROWS"

Move: "W, A, S, D"

There are only a right in the game. In the resulting sea creatures, bumps, and other dangers, try to avoid cutting all. When you die, "TRY AGAIN" button and start over. During the game in the top left corner click "PAUSE" button to pause the game, return to the main menu. Hope you have fun.