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Speed Revolution Game

Score: 3.94

Firstly you need to select in which category you want to race such as "CARREER MODE, SINGLE RACE, TIME TRIAL" and difficulty level of the game such as "EASY, NORMAL or HARD" then to start the game.
There are other 3 cars in the game and you will be the winner if you complete the stages successfully by passing other 3 cars and also thanks to extra points you will get the opportunity to race at the new stages.

But you need to be careful not to cross over the oil placed on the road, because it can cause you to out of control and to slow down.You can throw away your car by crossing over objects that speed up you.

In the game,there is a button to turn on or off the sound of the game apart from counters showing how much time you have left,what your rank is,how many stages there are and mileage indicator.

You need to use "DIRECTION KEYS" to control your car.