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Sonic Sky Impact Game

Score: 4.33

Our hero hedgehog Sonic from where it continues to struggle with Dr. Robotnik (Eggman). Would you like to skip fighter planes to participate in this adventure with Sonic? Your goal, you are set against Dr. Robotnik and the creatures as always.

Start the game with "PLAY" button. You can use "MOUSE" for both move and attack. You can earn money for you shoot every enemy in game. You can buy new weapons with this money in certain part and you can more strength.

The game will difficult later in the level on "". There are "M" and "P" buttons in some parts. Taking them to provide protection to your vehicle, strengthen your weapon for a while. When you are finished part, just press "SPACE" for pass next level. Don't forget fallow your hero's energy the green indicator at the top of the screen.

Have fun...