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Snail Bob 3 Game

Score: 4.40

Snail Bob went his grandfather's museum. While he is visiting the museum, he attracts attention on a very valuable antique which is belongs to Egypt. While he was examining the antique, suddenly the antique shone and took the snail bob into it and took the snail bob to the ancient Egypt. Snail Bob stuck in Egypt. He needs some help to go back to the museum from Egypt.

After the game is loaded, you click "Play" button. Click "Play" button again. Then you click the first level of the game. After you choose your game level, you can start to play. Your aim in the game, to prepare  the way for Snail Bob. You should solve the puzzles in the game for preparing the way for Snail Bob.

Game controls as follows:
You can stop the Snail Bob with clicking "Left Button of Mouse" on him and likewise you can start him.

Good luck.