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Rune Raiders Game

Score: 4.50

Strategic intelligence is very important in the battle. Knowing the properties of the military and the heroes in your hands, use them according to these features, you lead to victory the biggest rush. The best way to fight against this challenging need to apply this move.

Login to the menü with "PLAY" button. Then you want to choose a recording chamber. Game play for the first time only "MISSIONS" game mode will be open. "SURVIVAL" game mode to unlock "MISSIONS" You have to finish the game mode. After selecting the partition to select heroes. All transactions are ready to "DONE" button, click and start the game.

Game is play just with "MOUSE". You can use to advance all the buttons, located under the screen. Also dragging to move the heroes one by one. The upper corner of the screen moves during the game are doing, and how much money you have won some indicators do not forget to follow. Again, in the same place "PAUSE" button to pause the game and return to the main menu. We wish you success.