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Raft Wars 2 Game

Score: 4.47

They started their adventure on beach and their adventure started with finding a treasure on beach. They saved their treasure from pirates. After their holiday, the boys buried their treasure to hide it from their greedy parents and the tax collectors. On next holiday they go back to the beach. But there was a problem. The place where they buried their treasure was not empty. There was a building on their treasure. An exciting adventure with the boys, is about to begin! Let's get started!

After the game is loaded, you click "Go" button which is on the lower-right corner of the game screen. You click "Play" button. You can skip the game intro with clicking the game screen and then you can start to play the game.

Game controls as follows:
Aim: "Mouse"
Fire: "Left Button of Mouse"

After every chapter, you go "Upgrade" screen with clicking game screen. You can upgrade your character's features on "Upgrade" section. You click "Go" button to play next level.

Good Luck!