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Protect Soldiers Game

Score: 4.44

Your helicopter breaks down and you fall a vacant lot.You survive from the helicopter but your friends can not come out of the helicopter.Enemy soldiers attack the helicopter by taking advantage of this situation.The only thing to escape from there is to avoid that they give harm your helicopter by killing soldiers who attack your helicopter.The soldiers come in turn and give harm your helicopter but they wear steel vest so bullets do not hit their bodies directly.You shoot by holding small square part placed end of the barrel and by killing them gain points.At each level, numbers of the soldiers increase and they begin to attack at the same time.You have 1000 liives and lose them when each bullets hit you.If the soldiers can not explode your helicopter and you can survive at the end of the each level,you will rescue from there and go your way.You can buy new weapons with money you earn and continue the game where you leave off.