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Lorry Driver Game

Score: 3.21

In this game, there is a crazy lorry driver and load that you need to take immediately, so you need to be quick as you can. When fuel runs short of,you need to stop by petrol stations that are on the roadside to buy new fuel. For this reason, you need to observe the map continuosly to see what is where in the map. You can catch the chance to take early action against the hazards which you will encounter along the way via the stamps which are imprinted in the middle of the road.

These stamps show you sometimes how much speed you need on the road and sometimes where a petrol station is. If there is junction,you need to give priority to vehicles that come from opposite lane to provide them to pass. Otherwise you may crash with them and be damaged.Other vehicles do not pay attention that you are coming. So you need to be more careful.