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King's Game 2 Game

Score: 4.38

In a normal war, as you all know, the soldiers must fight with the enemy. But in this war, there is an abnormal situation that you will see. The kings are fighting with each other, but their aim is not killing each other. They want to kill the enemy soldiers with their cannon. An exciting war is waiting for you!

After the game is loaded, click "Play" button. You click "Play" button. Click the first picture. You can skip the game intro with clicking the arrow button where is on the lower-right side of the game screen. Choose the first level of the game and then you can start to play the game. With clicking the "Shop" button, you can buy new munitions of war with the money that you earn from the war.

Game controls as follows:
Aim: "Mouse"
Fire: "Left Button of Mouse"

Have fun!