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Kawairun 2 Game

Score: 4.41

Are you ready to play kawairun 2 as online? You can race against a friend or anyone else on the internet. Choose you character and design it however you like and join the best online race of running game on the internet. You can gain game money and game point with winning the races and you can raise your character level and you can get different character types and clothes.

After the game is loaded, click "Play" button. It might take a while to connect to game server. If you don't want to connect the game server and if you don't want to play it as online, you can click the "Play Offline" button. If you want to play as online, please wait for a while to connect game server. After you connected the game server, you can register the game with clicking the "Register" button. After you registered the game, you can be online with clicking the "Sign In" button. At the main menu, you can design your character with clicking the "Runner" button. Click "Play" button then click "Single Player" button. (You must reach to level 2 for playing as multiplayer.) You can play your game as single with two way as "Campaign and Survival". Choose however you like to play then choose your map and then you can start to play your game. Game controls as follows:

Move: "Arrow Keys"
Jump: "Up Arrow"

Have Fun!