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Gallows Game

Score: 3.73

Hangman legend game we play our childhood by drawing on paper, is coming over to a different version. Under normal conditions, rescued a man of letters given to you by finding the secret word, this time trying to save by throwing the arrow. Arrow, hit the rope ought to be hung. Are you ready?

Click "PLAY" button once you start game. Adjust the angle of the changing place of the arrows in each chapter and click with the "MOUSE". If you manage to break rope, click "NEXT LEVEL" button you can switch to the next level. You have to recover a very short time to the people. The remaining periods, is shown on the men. Therefore, both fast and have to be careful.

You can return the main menu with the "MENU" button in during the game. You can restart the chapter with the "RESET" button. We wish you success.