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Gallows 3 Game

Score: 4.05

Previous versions of the gamers' favorite, and engagement skills with this fun game hangman game which is a re-united We are with you. What's new in this version, will be waiting for you.

The game is load with "PLAY" button. Only the first level will be open to playing for the first time. Choose your level and start the game. The game play with "MOUSE". The men take aim and then throw the arrow which is hanging. Every man has on the health status. All men have to recover as soon as possible.

To give more detailed information about the game can say the following: Some sections are bonuses. The extra ok, ok accuracy, the fiery arrows, etc., dependent upon points. only some of them.

Buttons in the upper right corner during game play game sound and music on or off, the current partition to start from scratch. To return to the main menu "MENU" button and click. Thank you for choosing us, wish you good luck.