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Gallows 2 Game

Score: 4.11

Former of the series that collects on top of tastes, a brand new version of our game of hangman We are with you! As was the old game in this game, your goal is to recover the men that they are connected by arrows and his men to save you roll the ropes!

Game after opening click the "PLAY" button. After selecting your level, start the game. Only the first chapter will be open to playing for the first time. With the "CLICK TO CONTINUE" button you can switch the descriptions. The game play with "MOUSE" . Click on Publish and shoot. The more you pull, the faster you throw up.

Let's give some more information about the game: Each man is shown on the health status. The health status, time progresses, worsens. Need to recover all the men to move to the next segment. During the game press with the "MENU" button you can return to the main menu, with the "RESTART" button you can start from the beginning of the current section. Remember to collect bonus points and arrows. Hope you have fun.