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Free Game Green Monster Game

Score: 4.60

Green Monster created as a result of interesting experiments which are done by the students in the school astonishes them very much.Because the monster is very bored with interests of the students, it decides to escape from the laboratory. However it seems difficult without your help. What about helping the monster?

In this fun and also challenging game, you need to control the monster and to provide it to get out of the lab without exposing disgusting experiments. To accomplish this,you need to make reasonable moves on the platform. In the laboratory,  there are lots of danger like laser and electric. You need to wait patiently and to perform your moves at the right time to pass such obstacles successfully.

If your moves fail, you can continue the game starting from the beginning. You can control mud with Arrow Keys and access places where you can not reach by using the monster's tongue with "SPACE" button. It is enough to press "PLAY" button to enter the game after installing it.