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Fluffy Runner Game

Score: 3.50

One day, the little bunny goes for a ride with its friends. But suddenly clouds grow dark and storm begins. The little bunny losts its friends. When the storm is over, one the one hand the little bunny starts to search its friends and on the other hand it starts to collect foods around it. Are you ready to go for a superb adventure with the little bunny?

After the game is loaded, click "Play" button. Then click "Start" button. If you want to skip intro, you can click the "Skip" button which is on the right corner of the game screen. After you passed the game intro, you can start to play game. You can upgrade game features with clicking "Shop" button which is on score board. After you upgraded the game features, you can go back to game with clicking "Play" button.

Game controls are as follows:
Jump: "Left Button of Mouse"
Note: If you want to jump higher, you can click two times to "Left Button of Mouse"

Have Fun.