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Flappy Bird Game

Score: 2.50

Flappy Bird is the hit game from Facebook.  When it was introduce in FAcebook, it immediately capture the hearts of many.  But, everyone got sad when the developer decided to take it down for unknown reason.  Some speculate that the guy that makes the game is dead.  Well, the guy is alive, but he never said anything about why did he delete the game on Facebook.

Sad to say, only  a few devices are left with the game.  That is why any device with a Flappy Bird installed in it would sell high.  Well, you don't need a device just to play the game as it is available in flash. 

The game is played by tapping the space bar so that the bird would flap its wings.  if you hit anything then you are dead.  The idea of the game is to reach the highest scrore possible.