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Cover Orange Pack 2 Game

Score: 3.50

What about to challenging brainstorming? Acid rain begin fall to oranges and apples are located, and you have to protect them. if you are ready, let's begin!

After game loads going to main menu click "START" button. Then if you want to skip intro, you click located in upper right corner "SKIP" button. After then click "PLAY" button for the game.The game playing with "MOUSE".

Some of the chapters have bombs. Bombs can damage your fruits, so be carefull about to them. How quickly you finish the game, the more points you receive.

During the game you can reset the chapter with "RESET" button located the under right corner or "SPACEBAR" button. You can return to main menu with "MENU" button. I wonder if you can protect all the fruits from acid clouds? The best games on Good luck.