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Counter Strike 1.6 Game

Score: 4.25

The game, Counter Strike, that has been played for years excitedly is met with game lovers with the privilege of "". In this game, you need to control a character who is from a terrorist team. Your purpose is to kill Counter Team who come your region and to earn money. You can go on to the next level by killing all the members of Counter Team with weapons which you have. You can use weapons such as deagle, m4 rifle and sniper. When the enemies shoot you, you need to protect yourself against them by hiding with "E" button.You show others that you are a good shooter by killing the enemies as soon as you see them. When the game is loaded, select the game mode you want to play and start to play it by clicking on the accept button.

How is the game played?
"MOUSE" is used to take aim and shoot.You can change your weapon with "1 and 2" buttons and zoom by opening binoculars with "Q" button."E" button is used to hide and "R" button is used to insert bullets.
Good Luck...