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Bomb It 5 Game

Score: 4.56

Four different game options and six different battle map is coming with bomb it 5. You can play your game as multiplayer if you want to or you can battle against to computer as solo. Are you ready to play the best bomberman game on the internet?

After the game is loaded, click "Play" button. You click "Start Game" button. You have four options to play your game as follows "Arcade, Battle Royale, Pac-Man and Green Zone". Choose one of them however you like to play then specify your game options as follows "Player, Enemies, Levels and Arena". After you set your game options, click "Next" button to pass the character design section. Choose your character and then click "Start Game" button. Game controls as follows:

1st Player:
Move: "Arrow Keys"
Drops bomb: "Space"

2nd Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Drops bomb: "Enter"

Have Fun!