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Bee Wars Game

Score: 4.33

There is a huge disagrement between many bees and the war has begun between many beehive. Choose your colony and train them for the great bee war. Are you ready to join great bee war with your bee army?

You click "Play" button. You can close the information box with clicking "Play" button and then you can start to play the game. At the beginning of the game, for being able to join to war, you should catch a few bee for creating your bee army. The bubble that you have, you can catch the bees with imprisoning them in the bubble. You can choose the soldier bees with clicking "Recruit Bee" button. You can go to chapter selection screen with clicking "Battle" button. Choose first beehive and then you can go to battle arena. For starting war, you should click "Fight" button.

Game controls as follows:
"Left Button of Mouse"

Good luck!