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Bearboy and The Cursor Game

Score: 3.50

The bear boy went to the jungle for collecting some honey comb. He found the world biggest honey comb in jungle. On the one hand he was thinking that how to move it on the other hand he was scaring from queen bee to her back. Queen bee came back and she stole the honey comb. The bear boy wants to get back that world biggest honey comb from queen bee. Are you ready to start a superb adventure with bear boy?

After the game is loaded, click "Play" button. You click "Start" button. You can further the game intro with clicking the "Next" button or you can skip the game intro with clicking the "Skip" button which is on the upper right corner of the game screen and then you can start to play the game.

Game controls as follows:
Move: "Arrow Keys" or "W,A,S,D"
You can destroy the object with "Left Button of Mouse" or you can active or deactivate objects with "Mouse"

Have Fun!