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Barbie As Rapunzel Game

Score: 4.30

 Barbie xtends her hair as Rapunzel the another heroin of girls. Seeing this, the prince of the country, falls in love with Barbie amd he invites Barbie for a dinner. Then, Barbie couldn't decide what to wear. Can you help her? 

After game loads, you can start with the "PLAY" button. Game is played with the "MOUSE". Shoes, Crowns, necklesses... Use the jewellery you choose around the Barbie. If you prefer to take back your last move, you can take it back with "UNDO" button at the bottom-left of the screen.

When all your processes are over you can watch the first date of Prince and Barbie by clicking on "NEXT" button at the same place of the screen. If you want to play again you can use "PLAY AGAIN" button. Let's see, how satisfied Barbie is. Keep following us for the best Barbie Games. The team of hopes you enjoy.